What Can We Do

Product Supply

I.P.C. International Supply company;
Construction Building Materials industry in 10 years of knowledge and a wide range of products to serve beginning in 2010. Istanbul / Turkey and Ghana / Accra International Centric is a supply company.
Ceramics, Interior Room Door, Steel Door, Window Systems, Bathroom and Ventilation product groups and all the structural products you need in your Construction Projects from a single source, it is a reliable address where you can supply quality, cost-effective and in accordance with the project requirements.
I.P.C International Supply Company, which offers its wide range of products to your liking in its showroom stores in Istanbul and Accra, continues to meet all the needs of its valuable customers in more than 15 countries in the Construction Building Material product items.

Projecting and Application

I.P.C. As an International Supply Company;
We offer you all the architectural structures you dream of as a realizable detailed project with our experienced staff who closely follow all the innovations in the field of architecture and have the ability to act according to the requirements of the region and the age.
-Product Supply
- Projecting
- Static, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service
- Interior Architecture Design
- Indoor Decoration
- Exterior Application
- Landscape Application
We strive to transform all the services you need in the process into the architectural structure of your dreams.


I.P.C International Supply Company;
- We ensure our customers' procurement in accordance with the criteria of the quality and affordability of any product they need, generally carried out in Turkey's market and customer demand for our exports of products in the country where they are located.
- Our customers for production operations and investment plans in the sectors they are interested in Turkey's market made after consideration of the feasibility study we provide all the necessary investments to be carried out.

Reference Projects

Why Choose Us

Wide Product Range

With a wide range of products in the field of construction building materials, we are a solution partner for our customers in more than 15 countries to realize their needs and dreams.

Full Service

We offer you 3D Modeling, Interior Architecture Service, Licensing, Product Supply and Application Services related to your project from a single address.

Solution-Oriented Work

Considering the demands of our customers in the region they are in, we fully meet all the needs of their projects.

Dynamic and Experienced Staff

Thanks to its young and dynamic staff, I.P.C International Supply Company has the ability to terminate your projects in the fastest and fastest way.

Interactive Process

In all processes from the start of your project to its completion, you will be informed about the current status of your project and you will follow the process.

Customer Happiness

I.P.C. As the International Supply Company, we terminate all the processes we carry out with our valued customers in line with your demands with our principle of maximum customer satisfaction.